We know your time is valuable, and that managing your social media accounts can cost you well over $500-1,000 per month doing it the old fashion way. With WeekFish, we not only post the most relevant content to your social media accounts, we look at increasing engagement and page followers, too. And did we mention that it’s all at a fraction of the cost of traditional social media management services?


High Quality, Relevant Posts

WeekFish is built on a powerful AI engine that scours the web for the most popular and relevant content. Paired with human copywriting and marketing experts, our proprietary social media management technology ensures the success of your brand or business’s social media strategy by emphasizing on content that is highly relevant to your profession’s target audience, regionalized, and with high levels of social virality to ensure that every post returns the highest possible return and social reach.


Every post is TARGETED!

We have developed a social media posting software that includes target marketing without paying for ads! Of course ads still carry more reach but, everyone of your posts with be targeted to your customers and go after new ones! When creating ads we still input our own targeting and audience extension into every ad on top of what Facebook & Instagram provide.

In a few steps

  • Create and launch an ad using our pre-built, one-click templates

  • Grow your business and reach a larger audience

  • Increase sales and lead conversions

  • Raise your profile and increase reputational awareness among your audience

  • Automated Facebook page like and growth campaigns*


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