Big advertising budgets in the auto industry have attracted hordes of companies eager to take your marketing dollars and spend them on "set it and forget it" campaigns that don't work! Sure you're getting some traffic, but where are your leads? Or you're getting leads, but those customers never convert. We understand your frustration and strive to be the breath of fresh air in the industry.

Our campaigns:

 Use Oracle & Polk data to focus on In-Market Shoppers

 Retarget customers as they go through the car buying journey

 Optimize towards driving VIN specific leads to your CRM

 Are held accountable with Sales Influence Reports




WEEKFISH was born out of frustrations with how terrible the offerings on the market were for the most powerful ad platform ever: Facebook Ads.

‚ÄčThe automotive marketing landscape is filled with giant companies running cookie-cutter campaigns for thousands of dealerships and agencies that have no business working with car dealers due to a lack of knowledge of the industry.

We don't offer dozens of products. We want to work closely with our dealerships and apply our expertise on the platforms we know will drive SIGNIFICANT RESULTS and GROW YOUR SALES month over month, year over year. 


Why social media is important - and worth it.
Now in 2020, social media will influence up to 57% of all auto sales. If your dealership ignores social media, your digital marketing strategy, and likely car sales, will fall behind.

We hear it all the time - sales don’t come from social media. This thinking is ingrained in auto dealerships across the country. Although it’s difficult to attribute a car sale to a specific interaction on social media, it can be done.

Your dealership’s social media activity contributes in so many tangible ways to bring in customers, improve your dealership’s reputation, drive overall digital marketing success. When digital marketing success equals car sales, your dealership should be all ears.

A large part of this has to do with mobile-first auto consumers, who base their decision on research done through their smartphone. According to a Facebook research study on auto buyers’ digital research journey, buyers did up to 79% of their research on their mobile or tablet device. Social media is one sure way to take advantage of this rapid move to mobile research.



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