You've got the VEHICLES. We've got YOUR LEADS.

Founded in 2013 by a team of car dealership veterans. Our team has over 300+ years of combine car dealership experience. Ranging from sales, service, marketing and management. WEEKFISH was born out of my own frustrations with how terrible the offerings on the market were for the most powerful ad platform ever: Facebook Ads.

The automotive marketing landscape is filled with giant companies running cookie-cutter campaigns for thousands of dealerships and agencies that have no business working with car dealers due to a lack of knowledge of the industry.

​We don't offer dozens of products. We apply our expertise on the platforms we know will drive SIGNIFICANT RESULTS and GROW YOUR SALES month over month, year over year.


WEEKFISH solves complex business challenges with digital solutions. We combine technology, data, and human intelligence to improve sales results. Our staff is comprised of the best minds in four offices across the country driven by innovation and new solutions in sales and digital marketing for car dealerships.



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